Kettling: Don't Wait To Service Your Boiler

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Although many people use modern heating devices to warm up their homes, some residents still rely on boilers to meet their needs. If you own a boiler, you want to keep your appliance as productive as possible during the year. But if your boiler suddenly makes kettling sounds, reach out to a technician right away. Learn why some boilers kettle below.

Why Do Boilers Kettle?

All heating appliances have the potential to make strange noises over time, including boilers. While most of the sounds are normal or expected, some noises can be unsettling, including kettling. Kettling can include knocking, rattling, and banging. 

Boilers can kettle for a number of reasons, including mineral buildup. Residential water contains hard minerals, such as calcium and lime. Some of these minerals can settle inside your boiler and cause problems for it. The minerals may turn into sludge and clog up your boiler, or they may break free and bang around the appliance as it heats up. The pieces of minerals may also raise the water's temperature inside your boiler. 

In addition to minerals, a boiler can kettle as it becomes faulty or old. A faulty boiler can stop heating water properly, or it may fail altogether. If you hear kettling in your boiler, don't wait to service it. 

How Do You Repair a Kettling Boiler?

A technician can examine your boiler to see if it contains limestone or other types of mineral buildup. A contractor can drain and flush out your boiler to remove the mineral content inside it. Your boiler should work properly after the flushing. 

If flushing your boiler doesn't clear up the problem, a contractor can examine the appliance itself. The exam may include checking the appliance's:

  • Combustion chamber
  • Fuel devices and sources
  • Gaskets
  • Heat exchanger and housing

The parts above can break down if you don't maintain them well during the year. If a contractor discovers something seriously wrong with the parts inside your boiler, they may repair each device or replace it. You may need to replace your boiler system if it requires multiple repairs or if the appliance is over 25 years of age. Your boiler may be near or past the end of its lifespan. A newer boiler system may be the best option for you in this case. 

If your boiler kettles regularly, and you don't know why, contact an residential boiler company in your area today. 


25 February 2020

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