Avoiding Problems With Your Dumpster Rental

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A dumpster can be a tool that is needed for major projects as well as routine garbage management. While a dumpster is something that every home and business will utilize, there are many oversights that are made when choosing and using these devices for trash management.  

Try To Keep The Dumpster In The Shade

Letting a dumpster get extremely hot can create some unpleasant side effects. This is especially true when the dumpster is being used to store food or other organic waste. The heat can lead to these substances decomposing more quickly, which may lead to extremely foul odors. These odors can make it unpleasant to take the trash to the dumpster, and they can also lead to pests being attracted to it. By keeping the dumpster in the shade, you can help to keep it cool so that these odors will develop much more slowly. This will not eliminate the need to regularly wash and clean the dumpster, but it will reduce these problems between cleanings.

Opt For A Side-Loading Dumpster

A common complaint that people will have with using dumpsters is having difficulty reaching high enough to put heavy pieces of trash in it. One way to minimize this problem is through the use of a side-loading dumpster. This type of dumpster will have a sliding panel on the side that will allow you to put items in the dumpster more easily. Make sure to put items as far into the dumpster as possible when using the side panels and alternate panels. This will reduce the risk of the garbage backing up near the panel, which could prevent you from using the full capacity of the dumpster.

Use A Protective Pad Under The Dumpster    

Unfortunately, a dumpster can leave scrapes on the surface of the pavement. These scrapes can be noticeable, and this may impact the aesthetics of the pavement. Luckily, it can be simple for a property owner to greatly reduce the risk of this damage occurring. There are specially designed pads that can be placed under the dumpsters. These pads will prevent the legs of the dumpster from being able to easily scrape the pavement when the dumpster is being put in position or unloaded. Opting for a dumpster with wheels may allow you to avoid the need for this pad, but it will create its own problems. For example, these dumpsters can be more difficult to secure due to the risk of the wheel lock failing.

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6 February 2020

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